Valli Malai, Tamil Nadu, home of Pongi Amman, a.k.a Valli Amman

Welcome to Valli Malai, Home of Pongi (Valli) Amman

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Pongi or Valli Amma
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Tirumal Gireeswara
Vallimalai hill peak: Tirumal Girīswara
Panoramic view of Vallimalai Ashram
Panoramic view of Tiruppukal Asramam
as seen from Tirumal Girīswara

The power and beauty of this sakti peetam (Sanskrit: 'seat of shakti or subtle power') are among the better-known secrets known to Murugan bhaktars. Indeed, Valli Malai remains as Valli Amma's own playground where She and Bala Murugan romp and play Hide-and-Seek with each other and with their devotees to this day. The stunning beauty of Valli Malai with its pools, fresh greenery, caves and unusual rock formations stands as mute testimony to the continuing presence of the ever-youthful Goddess Herself.

Unlike towering Mount Kailasa in the trans-Himalaya where Lord Siva abides in cold silent majesty, the Valli Malai hills by comparison are child-sized. Indeed, the whole of Valli Malai appears designed to please the goddess of Valli Malai, Valli Amma or Pongi (literally 'bubbling over', i.e. with joy).

Pongi is the spirit of a twelve-year old girl, just as Murugan always remains a kumāra or youth. Valli Malai was the birthplace in prehistoric times of Lord Murugan's sweetheart Valli and to this day her spirit lives here and in the hearts of her devotees.