Valli Malai, Tamil Nadu, home of Pongi Amman, a.k.a Valli Amman
Sri Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Swamigal

Life Sketch of Sri Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Swamigal

Swami Satchidananda then set out on a pilgrimage to Cape Comorin, Tuticorin, and Katirkāmam propagating Tiruppugazh. On return he visited Tiruvannamalai where he contacted Sri Seshadri Swamigal and Ramana Bhagavan. Whenever Sri Seshadri quoted mahā vākyas from scriptures, and illustrated them, our Swami recited the corresponding equivalents from Tiruppugazh. It was Sri Seshadri who initiated our Swami in Tiruppugazh and bestowed on him wonderful mastery over all that is divine and desired that he should go to Vallimalai. Sri Ramana Bhagavan taught our Swamigal the proper paraphrasing of Tiruppugazh verses, and named him as Tiruppugazh Murugan, by which name he is well known as is evident by the recent tribute of Eswara Swamigal, another great soul of Tiruvannamalai, published herein. From here, our Swami came to Madras for the first time in 1913. Here he came into contact with another great soul “Kosakkadai Swāmiyar” near Kandaswami Kovil, George Town and attained gnāna sannyāsam, details of which appear in his life history.

Propagating Tiruppugazh, he visited all the places from Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Himalayas to Ceylon. At Haridwar Mela he hoisted the Tiruppugazh flag. As desired by Swami Seshadri our Swami made Vallimalai his abode in June 1916. This is a sacred place about 18 miles from Vellore. Just by the time our Swami came there, arrangements were in progress for performing the Kumbha Abhishekam of the temple at the foot of the hill. Our Swami made considerable sacrifice to complete the Kumbha Abhishekam on a grand scale by procuring men and money and infusing the spirit of Tiruppugazh into all concerned.

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