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Vallimalai Pongi Devi

Life Sketch of Sri Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Swamigal

Sri Ramana Satchidananda

As is amply evident, the sacred name of the Samaj takes it origin from the revered names of two great souls - Sri Ramana Bhagavan and Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Sri Satchidananda Swamigal. It is a surprising coincidence that both the illumined saints attained their mahā samādhi this very year Vikruti 1950, in the same thithi­ trayodasi. Sri Ramana Bhagavan on Chaitra Krishna Trayodasi 14-4-1950 and Sri Tiruppugazh Satchidananda Swamigal on Krittika - Sukla -Trayodasi 22-11-1950. The Samaj had the rate privilege of having the Vallimalai Swamiji in their midst, and had the benefit of performing His pāda puja and of hearing his discourses and bhajana during Jayanti celebrations in December 1945. The Samaj has also published a short anecdote of him in its publication of the life sketch of Sri Seshadri Swamigal.

Sri Ramana and Satchidananda were feeding the intellect and soul of the masses, the greatest and signal service of everlasting effect to the humanity at large: They were “kālamu munarntha gnānikal". Although we have suffered an irreparable loss of their physical presence, the Omnitrio of these “Swata-Siddhas” should give us a solace as enunciated by Adi Sankara:

Dehata dharma tatkarma tadavastādi sākshinah
Svata evasvatassiddham taddaivalakshanayamātmanah

(157 Vivekachudamani)

That the self is distinct from the body is self-evident. Self is only a witness of the characteristics and activities of the body and not the body itself.” (Subject can never be the object. So the body is not the self the Atman.)

They are no more. But their memories steal into the sanctum sanctorum of the hearts of all those who know them. May the sweet fragrance of the immortality and perfection given by their names be ever green and continue to lead the masses to the regions of highest bliss.”

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